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Knights Prevail On Griffins’ Soph Night

2023-24 GROSSMONT college women’s basketball


By Chuck Passentino
|Special to East County Sports

FLETCHER HILLS –  The San Diego City College Knights would use a balanced attack on offense, full-court press on defense, and dominant scoring in the fourth quarter to win going away against the host Griffins, 61 -36, on We3dnesday (Feb. 22).

The game itself was a tale of two halves. The first half was played very competitively, hotly contested with Grossmont winning the first quarter 13 to 10 and only trailing by one at halftime, 23 to 22.

However, the Knights won the foul-plagued third quarter, 12 to 8, extending their lead, and then dominated the Griffins in the fourth period, 26 to 6, scoring ones, twos, and threes with glee. 

San Diego City College’s continuous full-court pressing and balanced scoring declared the Knights’ definitive defeat of the Griffins on Grossmont’s Sophomore Night.

Christina Bowen (13) and Dee Lewis (13) led the Knights in scoring, supported by Elissa St. Julian (10), Cusha Landry (9), Cerina Nguyen (6), Chancis Allen (3), and Liliana Maldonado (7).

The Knights’ scoring from all positions and playing a well-coached team full-court defense won the game.

The Griffins were led by Janea Wilson (9) and Paige Evans (8) with Pohai Basso (7) and Brielle Gefrom (7), providing vital Griffin scoring and defending off the bench.

Evans hit two big three-pointers early, and Wilson and Gefrom provided power in the post but not enough to fight against the City College Knights and their marauding, unrelenting onslaught in the fourth quarter. 

Even though the Griffins did not come away with a victory, all in the Grossmont College gymnasium tonight celebrated joyfully the accomplishments of Griffin women’s basketball sophomores, Sterling Edwards, Allira Martin, and Paige Evans, and the longtime continued basketball teaching, loving, and learning provided by Grossmont Griffin head coach Karen Caires, working with her wise, willing assistants Daryl Lewis and Wes Perryman.

At our season’s end, let’s celebrate all dearly dedicated to women’s basketball, all the community college students, teachers, friends, and fans who believe we will win.

With much more game-time experience and refined, practiced basketball skills, the freshman classes of the San Diego City Knights and Grossmont Griffins look forward to their next season’s ascendance together as basketball teams, as well as continuing the coordinated San Diego basketball sorority of sisters, leading collaboratively, victoriously in basketball games and in life.