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We like to say, “There’s always something new on EastCountySports,” but we need your help to make it that way.

Contact us with all your scores, highlights, pictures, videos and schedules for major sports, as well as, many other varsity and club sports.

For major sports, such as football, baseball and basketball, send an email to eastcountysports@aol.com.

For all other boys and girls varsity and club sports, text us at 619-300-9868 or email ramon@eastcountysports.com, with your scores, stats, pictures, schedules or other information. We want your information as soon as possible following the completion of your event.

A super-fast, complete way to report your team’s result in many sports is to take a picture of your scorebook or scoresheet on your smartphone following the game, and text the pic to 619-300-9868. Be sure to include first names, and even positions and grades for a more complete report of your contest.

You can also use the scorestream app to report and track scores from all schools in the east county and all of San Diego. The app is a crowd-sourcing, user-generated platform that allows you to enter scores, highlights, cheers, pictures and more. Just follow your school and enter your game information, then start reporting for your team.

Thanks for sticking with us for 15 years and then some, dating back to the days of The Daily Californian.

Our staff has always been dedicated to reporting on the athletic and academic accomplishments of East County’s greatest student athletes. Through triumph and heartbreak, our friends, neighbors and loved ones have graced our pages – both print and electronic – for over 40 years.

With the advent of today’s social media and instant communication, we want to make it so that EastCountySports.com will continue to be a part of sharing the moments that will live forever on these pages.


Ramon Scott