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By Adam Paul
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EL CAJON (6-2-16) — In a season where no real team dominated which it made more fun and interesting all across the county, the East County showed they could play with the so called powers of San Diego.

East County itself was very well represented in the San Diego CIF Playoffs with 9 teams getting in and the majority making deep runs including Christian winning the Division IV championship and Grossmont claiming the Division III championship.  What fueled all of the teams and their success was all the talent that each team had including a ton of underclassman along with the coaching playing a big part of why many of the teams went on to have the success they did.

Turning things to the coaches it was these two that really stood out in the season of craziness. Because of this both coaches are tabbed EastCountySports.com co-Coaches of the Year.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.30.52 AM


First off at Grossmont, the 20+ year veteran JERRY LERUD guided the Foothillers to the Cougar Classic Gold Bracket Division Championship and to cap it off, running the table through the Division III playoffs all the way to the CIF Division III championship for the first time since 2011. The Foothillers matched their win total of their previous championship of 2011 by winning 23 games this season.

It wasn’t just the playoffs. The Foothillers rolled through but during the regular season with victories over many of the Counties top teams including 7 teams that made the tournament in their respective divisions. Among those victories, include 3 against CIF Championship finalists including a champion.  Coach Lerud did an excellent job getting his girls prepared for everything they saw during the season and it showed in their play.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.34.19 AM


The other coach who really stood out was veteran coach JOHN FAILLA, who guided the Sultans to an 18 win season and also tied for second place in the very tough Grossmont Hills league, which by the way was the second toughest league in San Diego County.

The win total for the Sultans marked a 12-win improvement from last year when they only won 6 games. His ability to get his players prepared showed as the Sultans were very competitive and in every game over the course of the season.


The big award for the region goes to three players who really helped propel their teams to the seasons each team had with both their offense and defense.  These are the reasons why these three players were named EastCountySports.com tri-Players of the Year.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.36.37 AM


First up is MACKENZIE BENNETT (Santana). Only a sophomore, she really came into her own as her ability to throw runners out was a main reason why a few coaches decided on not running against her when they played the Sultans.

Besides the defense, offensively batting from the second spot, she had 51 hits on the season which puts her in the CIF record book for hits in a season, batted .520, drove in 34 runs and belted 9 homers which also goes into the CIF record book and also is up there in Grossmont Conference history.

On top of this she also hammered 14 doubles which also is up there in the record books for CIF all-time in a season.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.48.15 PM


Next up is HANNAH MCEWEN (Patrick Henry). The Junior outfielder really did everything on both ends both offensively and defensively. Defensively in the outfield she committed no errors and really was a force with the glove.

Offensively she batted .519, with 56 hits on the season which puts her name in the upper portion of the CIF record book for hits in a season, hit 3 homeruns along with driving in 33 runs and also scoring an amazing 49 runs which again puts her in the upper half of the CIF record book for runs scored in a season.

On top of these feats, she also caused chaos on the bases as she swiped 26 bases and was never caught stealing. It was her ability from the leadoff spot to get on base that really set the tone for the Patriots and helped propel them all the way to the No. 1 seed in the Division I playoffs and to the Finals.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 3.31.56 AM


Finally, CHLOE CAMARERO (Grossmont). The Junior third baseman set the tone for the Foothillers offensively as for the second consecutive year banged out 60+ hits all from the leadoff spot.

This year she had 61 hits which puts her in the top 5 for a season in CIF history and also in Grossmont Conference history as well. Those hits translated to a .521 clip. To go with the amazing average she belted 6 homers, drove in 29 runs and scored 37 runs, also banged out 18 doubles which will be a top mark in the CIF record book for a season and swiped 9 bases.

Defensively at third, she was a rock as she made the plays necessary to keep the opponents from scoring. Camarero was one of the main cogs for the Foothillers as they rolled to the No. 1 seed in the Division III playoffs and capturing the CIF Championship for the first time since 2011.


When it came to pitching this year there were so many worthy candidates to choose from but these three really stood out as they each played a big role in their teams’ success. It is because of this these three are named EastCountySports.com tri-Pitchers of the Year.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 6.35.31 PM


HALLE KYLER (Granite Hills) a Junior, who helped the Eagles win the Grossmont Hills League crown in a winner take all contest on the very last day of the regular season against Santana and earned the No. 2 seed in the CIF Division II playoffs.

On the year she went 12-5 while posting an impressive 1.90 ERA in 129 innings of work. Kyler was one of the main reasons why the Eagles were able to have the success they did as she shut down the potent Steele Canyon Cougars offense in league play and showed why she was an ace in the playoffs as the Eagles made the Semi-Finals.


Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.47.18 AM


SAMARIA ROOPE (Grossmont) – Only a Freshman, she showed why she was a big part of the crop of Freshman who came into their own this year. On the season,

Roope posted an 18-7 record along with a 2.38 ERA. Being a freshman she could have folded in many of the situations she was in from being down to West Hills in the Cougar Classic and coming back to shut them down and win, to the next day going up against a powerful Patrick Henry offense and pretty much shutting them down in the victory to the extra innings affair in the Gold Bracket Championship against the Rancho Bernardo Broncos in which the Foothillers eventually won.

Her poise came again in the CIF Division III playoffs as they were the No. 1 seed and had a close game against High Tech San Diego which they won 6-5. Finally in the CIF Division III Championship against the #5 seed UC City when leading 5-1 in the top of the seventh inning, giving up a couple of hits and a couple of runs scoring with 2 outs to make the score 5-3 and the bases still loaded. However she was able to get the very next batter to hit a weak comebacker and get the final out. Because of these traits, Roope will be a force for the next three years and showed why she was a top pitcher.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.51.56 AM


MAKAYLA MCCARTHY (Steele Canyon) – The Senior fire baller posted a record of 17-9 along with an impressive ERA of 1.98 in 176 1/3 innings of work. She also struck out 101 batters.

McCarthy kept the Cougars league crown hopes alive as she showed she was the workhorse by being able to work out of many of a jam which helped them finish tied for second in the Grossmont Hills League. Her pitching helped the Cougars earn the No. 6 seed in the CIF Division II playoffs and make it all the way to the Semi-Finals.

It was her ability to dominate in the circle which helped the Cougars win 20 games on the season.


Like last year, this year was no different in that there was not a shortage of very talented freshman in the East County. In fact this year every team seemed to have talented freshman on their squads. So without a do it was this duo that really shined and are named EastCountySports.com co-Rookies of the Year.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.59.47 AM


AUDREY BAGGE (Steele Canyon) – The Cougars on the year had a potent offense and Bagge was one of the reasons why they scored as much as she got on base for the big boppers from the leadoff spot.

On the year from the leadoff spot, she batted .375, registered 39 hits, drove in 20 runs while also crossing the plate 28 times, banged out 8 doubles and 2 triples to go with the 2 stolen bases. It was her ability to do what she did that made her a tough out all season long. She had 11 games where she had multiple hits including a 4 hit effort against UC City and drove in a high of 5 runs against Hilltop.

Defensively she made the plays necessary and showed she will be a force at the hit corner for the next three years. Overall Bagge during the season showed why she was a big part of the talented freshman crop of 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 2.03.45 AM


MADISON MENDEZ (Santana) – A duel threat for the Sultans in which she won 16 games in the circle, struck out 81 batters on the season.

Offensively from the leadoff spot, Mendez wreaked havoc with a solid .426 average. Her ability to get on base allowed the Sultans offense to motor to an average of a tad over 7 runs a contest. Not only did she hit, she hit for power as she jacked 5 homeruns.

On the year she pounded out 44 hits including 7 doubles, drove in 26 RBI and scored 11 times. Batting wise she also had 12 multi-hit games including 3 hits in the Mayor’s Cup rivalry game victory against West Hills. Again a big part of the crop of freshman who will make things exciting in East County the next three years.


The final award goes to a player who contributed the most and was considered stealth during the season contribution wise.  This award goes to a player who doesn’t get all the credit they deserve as they might be part of a bigger picture. Earning the EastCountySports.com Unsung Hero award was because this player did just that.


Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 2.05.54 AM


RACHEL WILSON (Santana) – The reason why she earned this award is because she had to sit out sometime after transferring to Santana, and this year as a Junior had an immediate impact for the Sultans.

Wilson proved to be deadly from the cleanup spot in the lineup as she had the duty of protecting Vates. Would compare it to Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris in that it was basically pick your poison when it came to facing those two for the Sultans.

Offensively she batted .347 while pounding out 34 hits. In the cleanup spot, Wilson hammered 5 homeruns and drove in 39 RBI and scored 17 runs and even swiped 3 bases. She created the opportunities for Vates because if you pitched around her or she got on Wilson would made you pay with her hitting prowess.

Wilson wasn’t just a big cog offensively but also on the defensive side at the hot corner known as third base with her trusty glove, pretty much vacuuming up anything that came her way. Her play was part of the big reason the Sultans were in the winner take all game for the Grossmont Hills league crown on the last day of the season and also their run in the playoffs and also the wins improvement from the year before.


(As selected by Eastcountysports.com Staff)

FIRST TEAM                              
Name                                School                    Yr.
Hannah McEwen                Patrick Henry                    Jr.
Halle Kyler                  Granite Hills                    Jr.
Chloe Camarero               Grossmont                        Jr.
Sydney Vates                 Santana                          Sr.
Anna Sherburne               Christian                        Sr.
Alexis Herrera               West Hills                       Sr.
Cristiona Caccamise          Patrick Henry                    Jr.
Mackenzie Bennett            Santana                          So.
Danielle Romero              Patrick Henry                    Sr.
Rachel Shelstrom             Valhalla                         So.
Destini Bullock              Helix                            Sr.
Amber Wozniak                Serra                            Sr.
Madison Mendez               Santana                          Fr.
Samaria Roope                Grossmont                        Fr.
Makayla McCarthy             Steele Canyon                    Sr.
Silent Rain Espinoza         Christian                        So.
Jessie LaPierre              Granite Hills                    Sr.
Sierra Schlichting           West Hills                       Jr.
Destiny Bacon                Grossmont                        Jr.
Rachel Wilson                Santana                          Jr.

Name                        School                      Yr.
Anya Vandersip              Patrick Henry               Sr.
Ashley Carter               Christian                   So.
Cassidy Shew                Granite Hills               Jr.
Makayla Stromenger          Steele Canyon               Jr.
Gabriela Olivarria          Helix                       Jr.
Andrea Wright               Patrick Henry               So.
Audrey Bagge                Steele Canyon               Fr.
Taylor Baez                 Grossmont                   Jr.
Alex Guay                   West Hills                  Jr.
Kayla Mack                  Granite Hills               Jr.
Jordan Teegardin            Santana                     Sr.
Darby Tibbetts              Serra                       Sr.
Grace Burkett               El Capitan                  Jr.
Cassie Van Til              Patrick Henry               Jr.
Carly Pearson               Grossmont                   Sr.
Paige Bowler                West Hills                  Sr.
Karen Creech                Granite Hills               Jr.
Gentry Hoffman              Steele Canyon               Jr.
Megan Malwitz               Grossmont                   Sr.
Kennedy Labshere            Valhalla                    So.
Moana Pisia                 West Hills                  So.
Cassidy Matthie             Santana                     Jr.

Coaches of the Year
Jerry Lerud,   Grossmont
John Failla,    Santana

Players of the Year
Chloe Camarero,    Grossmont
Hannah McEwen,   Patrick Henry
Mackenzie Bennett, Santana

Rookies of the Year
Audrey Bagge,        Steele Canyon
Madison Mendez, Santana

Pitchers of the Year
Halle Kyler, Granite Hills; Samaria Roope, Grossmont;
Makayla McCarthy, Steele Canyon.

Unsung Hero
Rachel Wilson,        Santana



By Bill Dickens
© East County Sports.com


SAN DIEGO (6-9-16) — Following is a list of San Diego County high school softball players who were selected to the 2016 All-CIF Breitbard Hall of Fame team.

First Team
P-Kellie White, Mater Dei Catholic, Sr.
P-SAMARIA ROOPE, Grossmont, Fr.
P-Megan Faraimo, Cathedral Catholic, So.
P-Payton Tidd, San Marcos, So.
C-Sharlize Palacios, Eastlake, Fr.

Inf-Malia Martinez, Poway, Sr.
Inf-Xstaviana Augur, Torrey Pines, Jr.
Inf-Jessica Alexander, Vista, Sr.
Inf-CHLOE CAMARERO, Grossmont, Jr.
Inf-Deshea Hill, Carlsbad,   Jr.

OF-Gabrielle Callaway, Poway, Sr.
OF-Livy Schiele, Bishop’s, Jr.
OF-Mikaila Reyes, Torrey Pines, Sr.
OF-Hannah McEwen, Henry, Jr.

Second team
P-Hanah Bowen, Ramona, Jr.
P-Haley White, Torrey Pines, Fr.
P-Devyn Magnett, Cathedral Catholic, Sr.
P-Samantha Manti, Eastlake, Sr.
P-Kasey Cazares, Calexico, Sr.

Inf-Kayla Krantz, Escondido, Sr.
Inf-DESTINY BACON, Grossmont, Jr.
Inf-Kelsey Munoz, Mater Dei Catholic, Jr.
Inf-Kate Braunsdorf, Clairemont, Jr.

Inf-Lexi Osowski, Scripps Ranch, Sr.
Inf-Carmina Nicolas, High Tech High San Diego, Jr.
OF-Aaliyah Jordan, Bonita Vista, Sr.
OF-Sydny Poh, Torrey Pines, Jr.
OF-TAYLOR BAEZ, Grossmont, Jr.

Player of the Year: Malia Martinez, Poway
Coach of the year: JERRY LERUD, Grossmont

(Selected by League Coaches based on Conference Statistics only)


Name                    School                Yr.

Madison Mendez        Santana             Fr.
Halle Kyler           Granite Hills       Jr.
Alexis Herrera        West Hills          Sr.
Rachel Shelstrom      Valhalla            So.
Chloe Camarero        Grossmont           Jr.
Jessie LaPierre       Granite Hills       Sr.
Mackenzie Bennett     Santana             So.
Makayla McCarthy      Steele Canyon       Sr.
Sydney Vates          Santana             Sr. 
Sierra Schlichting    West Hills          Jr.


 Name                    School                Yr.

Samaria Roope           Grossmont             Fr.
Kennedy Labshere        Valhalla              So.
Makayla Stromenger      Steele Canyon         Jr.
Taylor Baez             Grossmont             Jr.
Moana Pisia             West Hills            So.
Destiny Bacon           Grossmont             Jr.
Kylie Minshew           Steele Canyon         Sr.
Madison Caldwell        Granite Hills         Jr.
Rachel Wilson           Santana               Jr.
Cassidy Shew            Granite Hills         Jr.

Honorable Mention
Grossmont: Jessica Wilson (Jr.), Alexis Collins (Jr.), Megan Malwitz (Sr.).
           Amber Allman (Jr.), Carly Pearson (Sr.).
West Hills: Brooke Roberts (Sr.), Paige Bowler (Sr.), Ryleigh Dobyns (Sr.).
            Alex Guay (Jr.), Kendall Marinesi (Sr.).
Steele Canyon: Gentry Hoffman (Jr.), Audrey Bagge (Fr.), Jessica Venzor (Fr.)
               Emma Dodson (Jr.).
Valhalla:  Sammy Green (Fr.), Brandi Kohel (Sr.), Emily Howard (Sr.), 
           Lillian Metsch (So), Tori Bassette (Jr.), Victoria Villegas (So.).
Santana: Cassidy Matthie (Jr.), Jordan Teegardin (Sr,), Erica Reid (So.).
Granite Hills: Karen Creech (Jr.), Haley Budvarson (Sr.), Sydney Huse (Fr.)
               Rachel Riley (Sr.), Kayla Mack (Jr.).

(Selected by League Coaches based on Conference Statistics only)


Name                    School                Yr.

Shareena LaChance     Helix               So.
Destini Bullock       Helix               Sr.
Gabriela Olivarria    Helix               Jr.
Grace Burkett         El Capitan          Jr.
Zandra Ragale         El Capitan          Jr.
Amanda Vasquez        El Capitan          Jr.
Cheyenne Rolles       Mount Miguel        Fr.
Kiara Morris          Mount Miguel        Jr.
Ionna Upham           Monte Vista         Fr.
Geena Henderson       Monte Vista         Jr.


 Name                    School                Yr.

Faith King            Helix               Fr.
McKenzie Flores       Helix               So.
Nicole Vacarro        El Capitan          Jr.
Tessa Lohman          El Capitan          Sr.
Neddie Barrios        Mount Miguel        Jr.
Deja Glasa            El Cajon Valley     Sr.
Rashonna McCoy        Mount Miguel        Jr.
Allyson Von Yokes     El Capitan          Fr.
Brianna Reed          Helix               So.
Emily Bodtke          Monte Vista         Sr.

Honorable Mention
Helix: Frankie Martinez (Fr.), Victoria Cyman (Sr.), Emily Coale (Jr.)
Mount Miguel: Adrianna Mendez
El Cajon Valley: Melissa Contrera
El Capitan: Baily Olaveson (Fr.), Elena Laddon (So.), Kim Garcia (So.)

            Maria Lotta (Jr.).

(Selected by League Coaches based on Conference Statistics only)


Name                    School                Yr.

Hannah McEwen         Patrick Henry       Jr.
Lexi Osowski          Scripps Ranch       So.
Cristiona Caccamise   Patrick Henry       Jr.
Danielle Romero       Patrick Henry       Sr.
Hannah Matteson       Scripps Ranch       So.
Alyssa Vilke          Scripps Ranch       Fr.
Silent Rain Espinoza  Christian           So.
Anna Sherburne        Christian           Sr.
Amber Wozniak         Serra               Sr.
Madison Casiano       Mira Mesa           Sr.

                     LEXI OSOWSKI,  SCRIPPS RANCH

Name                    School                Yr.

Darby Tibbetts        Serra               Sr.
Ashley Carter         Christian           So.
Taylor Tompkins       Mira Mesa           Jr.
Kasidy Nowakowski     Mira Mesa           Fr.
Anya Vandersip        Patrick Henry       Sr.
Andrea Wright         Patrick Henry       So.
Veronica Quirino      Morse               So.
Lauren Lipe           Scripps Ranch       Sr.
Delaney Kelly         Scripps Ranch       So.
Shawn Blalock         Scripps Ranch       Jr.

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