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Vaqueros finding winning formula



By Dave Dickens



LAKESIDE (12- 22-2017) – The Golden Sombrero? Is that what we call it? Whatever it is, the coach JEFF BICKFORD formula is working and the varsity hoop players at El Capitan High are buying in.

Varsity boys Vaquero basketball is exciting and as entertaining as the Lakeside Rodeo.

The boys from Lakeside are on a 4-game winning streak and have already nearly met last year’s win record for the season as they have reached the 5-6 mark.

El Cap was up against a good Southwest squad and led them 22-18 at the half.

The Vaqueros would continue through the 3rd and onto the 4th quarter for 46-36 win.

RANDY TUCKER led El Cap with 13 points, 11 rebounds and four blocks, while JAKE PFITZNER added 13 points.

“Randy was one of the difference makers this evening,” said Bickford. “A real difference maker has really been our outstanding defense the last 4 games.

“CHASE LOVATO shut down their best player all game. He is the heart of the team.”

El Capitan is proving to the San Diego County that it will be a contender and to the East County Grossmont leagues, as well.

This is a revamped Vaquero squad with a winning attitude.

El Cap will go for 5 in-a-row on Saturday vs. Kearny at 6:00 at home.

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