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Eagles dig deep to defeat Braves




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EL CAJON (12-7-2021) — A few games on the road, a hard-fought battle against Point Loma, and 24 hours later it was that time again, this time against crosstown rival El Cajon Valley High.


Because of the short travel distance, there was mostly a sea of blue in the stands, however, you could also see and hear that the Braves faithful were on hand for the action-packed pair going at it.


El Cajon Valley came in as somewhat of a trying to find their identity-type team at 2-4. The Eagles came into this one somewhat exhausted, however, only losing on Saturday to Patrick Henry, and the Braves started the season at 2-0 out of the gate but had lost four straight since.


Surprisingly, these two teams being from two different divisions played pretty close.


The two squads were especially neck and neck in the third quarter of play. 


A few too many fouls for both teams, but not overwhelmingly, both teams were pretty impressive at the boards and were very quick and playing great defense, which Granite has been utilizing as its trademark this season, the crowd was entertained from start to finish and extremely vocal on both sides, while the players on the court remained professional and kept their composure.


Stating the one simple fact for sure, these two squads played very physically.


The score at the end of the third quarter would leave many fans on the edge of their seats


As the buzzer went off to end the third quarter, 31-29 Granite was up by two.


Not only was athletic director, James Davis on hand, but also head football coach Kellan Cobbs, as many of his football players are part of the basketball team.


Eagle Derek Edmond wasted no time in hitting a three-pointer quickly to go up 34-29.


Sibling Tre Edmond decided he needed to be a part of the fourth-quarter comeback, as he hit the next layup up with precision.


With 4:40 left in the fourth, still, no answer from the Braves as the Eagles scored nine to go up 40-29.


With 1:42 left, even Michael Evans added his you points on the matter.


Once again the Eagles prevailed, 48-29, shutting the Braves out as well in the fourth quarter.


“Coming off a very hard-fought game last night, we had to dig deep to get the necessary energy to finish strong against a hard-playing Braves team. 


We had a lot of players playing different roles tonight, Isaiah’s energy off the bench definitely helped, the entire bench kept this one close for us. I was glad to see our guys dig deep, and find the needed fire to finish the fourth. I challenged my starters plus Isaiah to give me one quarter with everything they had, and they came through,” said Granite Hills head coach Dan Duffy.


“We definitely didn’t come out with the same energy and mentality as we did against Point Loma. I felt there was something off. Missing open, easy, shots, getting turnovers, it was not pretty. We could not lose against El Cajon Valley because of the type of run we have been on. We knew what kind of team we are and we just came off heated at the start of the fourth. I didn’t perform as well as I wanted to on the offensive side, but I’m sure my defense paid off with five blocks and a few steals. Some games you feel good, others you don’t, but hard work prevails over both,” said Lawond Zagana, of the Eagles.


Zagana had six total points, 14 rebounds, a steal, and five blocks, very impressive defensive performance.


Isaiah Hasten had seven rebounds, five steals, added five points.


Really, the entire Granite squad stepped up in the fourth as champions do.


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