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Eagles show capacity of battle station




By Dave Dickens



EL CAJON (12-15-2021)- Well, there are always going to be mismatch games, and of course, the Edmond brothers, Derek and Tre, had a field day, or evening. In reality, this would be considered a scrimmage, a practice game to sharpen player skills, and possibly try to reach into Granite Hills head coach Dan Duffy’s bag o’ tricks, a possible handful of trick plays.


A great time to give more playing time to the bench players and to have more minutes of play, and have a better idea of what they are capable of adding to the squad, what adjustments could be recognized and adjusted.


The most valuable player from the bench has had some physical healing to do, however, it brings much-needed optimistic tools while on the bench. A true gem to speak with, as well.


“(Austin Holt) brought us a plethora of energy to start the game, he has had some healing to do physically, and we are better when he is healthy,” said Duffy.


“I have been struggling with some muscle issues and cramping so I have been on and off the court, however, it seems to be doing much better this week. I think that we all have a small piece of the big puzzle, and I feel that my small piece is to light a fire under our game. My first AAU coach always told me that a team that always plays with full heart, will never truly lose, and I’ve held onto that. I know that if I am going 110 percent in what I am doing, that my teammates are more likely to pick up on it and give 110 percent in what they’re doing. I like to play fast and aggressive because I know that allows me to do my job as a guard, and give the Edmond brothers more opportunity to score. I hope that I can continue to work hard and be a positive impact in our lineup so that this train can keep rolling into an SDCIF title,” said an inspired Holt.


Derek Edmond led the fighting Eagles with 38 points along with 11 boards and decided to sprinkle on the top four steals to add in a bit of defensive holiday cheer.


Lawond Zagana, who has also been a key component to take some of the pressure off of the Edmond brothers, not that they would ever suggest that they were in need of relief at any point, in any game, even against an inferior Liberty Charter.


Many might question any coach when facing a team that is a lesser opponent, why press?


Most would flock directly to the head coach, and almost scold him for utilizing press, not playing half-court man for the entire contest? Why not one of the starters?


“We wanted to press the whole game and go set a crazy record or something. We were having fun with these guys, however, we have a huge game on Friday, so it’s best we keep our legs fresh.


“The game might seem like a blowout, but these games are very useful. We practice with some tools that we can use on an inferior team like this so that our skills are sharp later down the road, we have more options,” said Zangana.


Zangana added his talents into the scoring with 12 points, eight rebounds, and added two blocks to add to the defense.


After a shellacking of Liberty Charter, 97-25, the Eagles continue to stack up the wins as this one adds up to the fifth straight, and only blemish on the Granite Hills Eagle hoopsters, the fourth game of the season, losing 57-39, but now a distant memory, and can no longer even spot them in the rearview mirror.


Derek Edmond who has been just having an astounding young season, added his two cents as well, because folks, any way you dissect this win, a win is a win, period.


“It was a good win for the team, games like these keep us moving and the momentum going and it was just great energy from the entire team this evening,” said Derek Edmond.


The Granite Hills Eagles (8-1), have another home game versus Ramona (2-1) on Friday, Dec. 17 at 6 p.m. The Eagles will be seeking their sixth straight to improve to 9-1.


Should be a fantastic battle, as most of the kids will be on break, and vacations not quite started, take the kids and any other family member out to Granite Hills High.


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