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Patriots fall at MLK Showcase event



By Dave Dickens



EL CAJON (1-17-2022) — As the host Christian High Lady Patriots welcomed several teams to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., what better way to educate the importance of his dream, the importance of his movement, and to stop and think about some of the situations that have been overlooked due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


To just touch on what has happened in communities since the summer of 2020, a recent game that was not played, however, was not due to medical reasons. Lastly, let us take a moment to live Dr. King’s dream, love all students, athletes, parents, coaches for what they do for each and every one of us and our children in every community.


Thank you, Dr. King, and to all of the folks who go out of their way to be great and do great things for others.


As far as the action versus the Fallbrook Warriors, the Lady Patriots played their hearts out and many added their words of how the game was played and how they felt as the game concluded.


Christian has had a tough year, but they are playing some of the toughest opponents from one of the toughest leagues, the Western League.


The final between the Fallbrook Warriors (10-6) and the Christian Lady Patriots (4-13) was hard-fought once again, however, the host Lady Patriots took the loss, 57-36, to the Fallbrook Warriors.


“I played well actually, I was very unselfish looking for my teammates even as I had opportunities and could have scored myself. I rebounded the ball well. My thought about me improving as a player is to just stay checked in all the time, as well as not allow my emotions to take me out of the game. We are growing every day as a team and we still have a lot to work on, but we will get there soon, said Christian’s Japonica Melvin, who had 11 rebounds.


“I thought that the showcase was awesome and it was an honor to have so many people in our home gym honoring Dr. King. I think I played well, boxing out and allowing opportunities for my teammates to rebound. I was also much more aggressive towards the basket and owned my role on the court,” said Hailey Whitman, of the Patriots.


“Like I told my teammates, (the loss) was a minor setback for a major comeback. People sleep on us so much but when we play our game we’re unstoppable and I will forever keep saying that. I played very well. I picked up two fouls early but I didn’t let that define my capability to go back out there and keep playing aggressively. Some people didn’t know that I am actually fast. Some adjustments I need to make is having a quicker release on my shots, but that is something I’m working on and pretty much slowing the game down and having certain angles when I’m attacking the basket. We will bounce back,” Amyaha Walker, of the Patriots, said.


“I think it was an honor to be able to play in honor of such a heroic figure in history. I had a lot of open shots that I rushed and missed that I could have taken more time on. I think I should’ve played with more passion, especially on defense, I should have hustled more. As a team, I think we can practice communicating and encouraging each other when our shots aren’t falling or we are discouraged. I think these next few games we will step up and prove what we are truly capable of as a team, which I am looking forward to.” said Noelle Sanchez, of the Patriots.


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