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Patriots send Calexico packing



By Dave Dickens



EL CAJON (1-7-2022) — Defeating La Jolla twice was a real treat for these Christian High Patriots, but trying to win their third contest in a row? Christian was most definitely up for the challenge as they have been counted out in playoff conversation, been referred to as a young, rebuilding team. Yet


The Christian Patriots have hung around and competed with the Cathedrals and swept the Vikings. Here comes a team on a long bus ride from the desert sporting a 17-6 record, licking their chops and thinking a 10-16 team in the Patriots that are 5-4 in the Eastern League.


Just another hyped-up team looking at the overall record and thinking blow-out city. The Bulldogs didn’t realize how resilient these Patriots are, a family. 


You have to hand it to the Bulldogs putting up 15 in the first quarter, however, the host Patriots would hang 14 points on the visiting Calexico Dogs. To put it mildly, the Bulldogs did not bite off more than they could chew as they stopped the Patriot scoring with their defense, only allowing a pair of buckets from Minab Mesghenna and Jeremiah Carr for the Pats. The score at the half, even being held to four, the Patriots were not down by much as the scoreboard read the visiting Bulldogs 27, Patriots 18. 


You could say some adjustments were made, as the Patriots went ahead at the end of the third quarter, as they outscored the Bulldogs, 10-9, bringing the score a smidge closer, 36-28, but was Calexico running out of gas it seemed as the home squad was gaining that mental momentum? The Christian Patriots regrouped like a family would and took control of the game, even fouled quite a few times. Christian went 5-for-6 as a team at the foul line in the fourth quarter as they put up the biggest total of the night, 24 they hung offensively over the Bulldogs.


Talk about “shock and awe” and the Patriot defense put up a stellar defense holding the visitors to just 10. And with that folks, was a Patriot victory of 52-48 and a third straight victory.


Leading the way, yet didn’t score a point in the first half, Patrick Perez put up 19 total points, all in the second half, with six rebounds, and a block. Ben Felice was also on fire, especially in the second half, with 14 total points, three three-pointers, three rebounds, and four assists.


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