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Eagles continue to score and soar

Granite Hills and West Hills in a game earlier this season. / Vic Marano



By Dave Dickens




EL CAJON (2-8-2022) — Another battle for the underdog West Hills Wolf Pack (12-12, 1-8 GHL) versus a squad that continues to commit to excellence. It wasn’t always like that. 


The host Granite Hills Eagles came into battle at 17-6 (6-3, 3rd in GHL). It has definitely been a tale of two different seasons for the Pack and the Eagles, headed in two completely different directions, especially in the Grossmont Hills League, however, the Pack could still do some damage as far as in the playoffs against several division opponents.


Unfortunately for the Eagles, after last week’s loss at Helix, Granite would be missing quite a bit of the double trouble points from Tre and Derek Edmond. Typically both of the boys would combine for a minimum of 50 points each. With that in mind, one would think of double coverage on behalf of the West Hills defense, possibly with Jake Kelly, or even maybe Max Conaway?


However, never second guess West Hills head coach Tim Barry, as he is one of the best Coaches in the league along with Granite Hills head coach Dan Duffy.


The good news following this game, Tre Edmond may be ready to go for Friday. 


“It was senior night, so we of course played all 9 seniors. Austin Holt, Zach Burton, and Michael Evans played well, Evans was fantastic at the boards this evening,” said Duffy.


Austin Holt was an offensive guru on the evening with 16 points, three rebounds, a steal, and an assist.


Michael Evans scored 10 points, phenomenal with 12 rebounds, an assist, two steals, and a block. And finally, Zach Burton had 11 rebounds, one assist, and three steals.


The final was Granite 63-45 over the Pack. Typically, if you ask some of the West Hills players, the game would typically be a little closer, as they play better and win on the road.


However, everyone knows the Granite crowd for the opposing teams is also a big distraction even for the very focused player. Once again, the Wolf Pack should do well in the playoffs.


At least pick up their first win.


“In the Helix game, I got kneed in the quad. The ref called it a block, I believe I will be ready to go by Friday. I definitely had a different view on everything and seeing things I wouldn’t normally see. I did give a little input to the guys about what I saw,” said Tre Edmond.


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