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2016 Prep boys tennis

March 1

Valhalla 13, Granite Hills 5

Helix 72, Steele Canyon 64

Grossmont 13, West Hills 5

Santana 16, Monte Vista 2

March 2

University City 15, Granite Hills 3

Madison 11, Christian 7

March 3

Santana 16, El Capitan 2

Grossmont 16, El Cajon Valley 2

Steele Canyon 15, Monte Vista 3

Valhalla 12, West Hills 5

March 4

Helix 11, El Capitan 7

March 7

Valhalla 10, University City 8


Feb. 26

Valhalla 16 El Capitan 2 – Valhalla #1 singles player, senior Greg Miller, swept all his matches. Miller is a third year returning varsity starter.

Photo Courtesy of Reta Behnam

Photo Courtesy of Reta Behnam

The other two singles players, senior Arturo Martinez and freshman Saul Martinez,  were also able to aid the Norsemen in their overall victory over the Vaqueros.

Saul Martinez, as a freshmen, defeated El Capitan’s #1 singles starter.

Photo Courtesy of Reta Behnam

Photo Courtesy of Reta Behnam

The #1 doubles team, seniors Adam Ellestead and Omar Ortuño, and #2 doubles team seniors, Ramsen Jebo and Sebastian Kalasho, also looked strong

Jake Ibbetson and senior Brandon Pola also won in doubles.

IMG_7256“Each player gave a solid effort and showed that we have reason to believe in our chances every match,” said Valhalla head coach Ackerly.

The Norsemen have their their next home game Thursday, March 3 versus West Hills at 3:30.

 – Rita Behnam, Valhalla Saga

Other score: Patrick Henry 10, Grossmont 8


Feb. 22

Helix 15, Imperial Valley Southwest 3

Feb. 23

Helix 10, Point Loma 8

Feb. 24

Mount Carmel 15, Steele Canyon 3

University City 11 Santana 7

Patrick Henry 17, El Capitan 1

Feb. 25

Helix 14 University City 4





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