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2017 All-East County Football Team

RASHAD SCOTT - 2017 EastCountySports.com Player Of The Year


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EL CAJON – The East County produced three section champions, including one state bowl champion, in 2017.

The Steele Canyon Cougars, Helix Highlanders, and Monte Vista Monarchs, along with standout season by a couple of other programs, brought the area unprecedented attention and success.

The talent pool in the East County likely ran as deep as it ever has in the area and many of the teams rose above their initial official computer prognostication, once again casting the role of our teams as underdogs.

All of our area players are worthy of achievement. Here are a few who stood out on the field to us…

Granite Hills’ WILLIAM BURTON is the first WILLIAM CHARLES “BILL” DICKENS Inspiration Award winner.

                      FIRST TEAM – OFFENSE
POS.   NAME                SCHOOL         HT.   WT.    YEAR
QB     CARSON BAKER        Helix              6-3    190     Sr. 
QB     THOMAS FISHBURNE    Steele Canyon      5-10   170     Sr.
QB     BRAD JEREMIAH       Christian          6-5    210     Sr. 
QB     JACOB SIEGFRIED     Granite Hills      5-11   205     Sr.
RB     JAHMON MCCLENDON    Monte Vista        6-2    210     Jr.
RB     SHEVELL STERLING    Grossmont          5-9    185     Sr. 
RB     ELELYON NOA         Helix              5-8    160     So.
RB     SHEMAR GREENE       Mount Miguel       5-8    185     Sr.
OL     GARRETT CURRAN      Granite Hills      6-6    285     Sr.
OL     MATHEW AVI'I        Helix              6-2    255     Sr.              
OL     WILLIAM PAYNE       Helix              6-2    265     Sr.
OL     EMMANUEL MENDES     Monte Vista        5-10   210     Sr.
OL     NICK GHOSN          Grossmont          6-1    215     Sr.
WR     ISAIAH WOODEN       Helix              5-8    165     Sr.
WR     JORDAN ANDERSON     Steele Canyon      5-10   145     Sr.
WR/P   CADE WEAVER         West Hills         6-0    155     Sr.
WR     JOSH MOALA          Grossmont          6-0    175     Sr.
WR     JESSE MATTHEWS      Christian          5-11   170     Sr.
WR     ALEXANDER GONZALEZ  Christian          5-7    165     Jr.
K      KEATON CHASE        Helix              6-0    162     Sr.  

Most Valuable Player – RASHAD SCOTT, Helix
Offensive Player of the Year – JAHMON MCCLENDON, Monte Vista
Offensive Rookie of the Year – RON BARRY, Monte Vista
Offensive Most Improved – DAVON CHESTNUT, Santana
Offensive Lineman of the Year - GARRETT CURRAN, Granite Hills
Offensive Unsung Hero – WYATT MANN, Mountain Empire
Offensive Newcomer of the Year - KEYVON MARTIN, Granite Hills

                     SECOND TEAM – OFFENSE
POS.   NAME                SCHOOL         HT.    WT.   YEAR
QB     JAMIE ODOM          Grossmont           6-2    185    So.
QB     JOSH OEDEWALDT      Santana             6-3    185    Sr. 
QB     JORDIN YOUNG        West Hills          5-11   176    Jr.
QB     MUGABE MILLER       Mount Miguel        6-2    180    Sr.
RB     ELSHADDAI LEVI      Monte Vista         5-9    195    Jr.
RB     KEYVON MARTIN       Granite Hills       5-11   155    So.
WR     DESMOND CARTER      Grossmont           5-6    160    Jr.
WR     THOMAS MANGUM       Grossmont           5-7    135    Jr.
WR     PERRY STEELE        Steele Canyon       6-0    170    Sr.
WR     CAMERON KANE        Santana             5-9    160    Sr.
WR     ALONZO RICHARDSON   Christian           5-10   155    So.
WR     NASHOM CARTER       Christian           5-11   170    Sr.
WR     DARREL DAVIS        El Cajon Valley     5-10   160    Jr.
OL     LOPAKA ROJAS        Helix               6-2    295    Sr.
OL     ALEX LISK           Grossmont           6-7    270    Sr.
OL     JAKE HALLAHAN       West Hills          6-3    225    Sr.
OL     ENRIQUE BAUTISTA    Mount Miguel        6-1    255    Sr.
OL     BRENDAN DENNEY      Granite Hills       6-4    350    Sr.
OL     MANU MAOSI          Mount Miguel        6-2    255    Sr.
K      TIMMY TISCHER       Santana             5-9    170    Sr.

                     FIRST TEAM – DEFENSE
POS.   NAME                SCHOOL          HT.   WT.   YEAR
DB     RASHAD SCOTT        Helix               6-1    180    Sr.
DB     ISAAC TAYLOR-STUART Helix               6-2    195    Sr.
DB     ANDREW LIRA         Grossmont           5-11   160    Sr.
DB     SANTINO PACHECO     Mount Miguel        5-11   180    Sr.
DB     JAYDEN TAUANU'U     Helix               6-0    155    Sr. 
DB     ROBERT WHITEHEAD    Steele Canyon       6-2    170    Sr.
DB     RYAN JEWELL         West Hills          6-1    165    Sr.
DL     TYLER GONZALEZ      Granite Hills       6-3    232    Sr.
DL     JULIAN SANDERLIN    Grossmont           6-3    215    Sr.
DL     ARTURO TORRES       Helix               6-0    265    Sr.
DL     WILLIAM BURTON      Granite Hills       6-5    240    Sr.
DL     MIKEL OLIVER        Steele Canyon       6-4    240    Sr. 
DL     ANTONIO OLIVIERI    El Capitan          6-3    235    Sr.
DL     BLAKE SCHMIDT       Monte Vista         6-3    245    Jr.
LB     MICHAEL SHAWCROFT   Helix               6-1    215    Jr. 
LB     JOSH MCNISH-HEIDER  Valhalla            6-2    250    Sr. 
LB     DAISEAN CRAWFORD    Grossmont           5-10   180    Sr.
LB     TYREECE PATANE      Helix               6-0    215    Sr. 
LB     ZACH JONES          Grossmont           6-0    195    Sr.
LB     BLAKE JARRELL       Mountain Empire     5-11   200    Sr. 

Defensive Player of the Year – WILLIAM BURTON, Granite Hills 
Defensive Rookie of the Year – ETHEN BISHOP, Granite Hills
Defensive Most Improved – DALLAS PRINCE, Mountain Empire
Defensive Unsung Hero – ROBERT HUNTER, Helix
Defensive Newcomer of the Year - ISAAC TAYLOR-STUART, Helix    
Coach of the Year – SCOTT LONGERBONE, Steele Canyon                  


POS.   NAME                SCHOOL          HT.   WT.   YEAR
DL     JACE MANNING        Valhalla            6-1    205    Jr.
DL     BRAYDEN NIETO       Santana             6-0    220    Sr.
DL     DARIN WALTON        Steele Canyon       6-4    215    Sr.
DL     GARRETT ROSENTHAL   Christian           6-1    185    Jr.
LB     BILLY TELLOUS       Steele Canyon       6-3    240    Jr.
LB     LANDON WOOD         Santana             6-0    200    Sr.
LB     ALEX LEMON          Mount Miguel        6-5    255    Sr. 
LB     NOAH ESPINOZA       Granite Hills       5-11   215    Jr.
LB     BRYCE RIEPL         Christian           5-10   181    Jr.
LB     CHRIS MCDONOUGH     El Capitan          5-11   205    Sr.
LB     JARED HUDSON        West Hills          5-11   195    Sr.
LB     CAMERON WILL        Mountain Empire     6-4    220    Jr.
LB     MICHAEL MALONE      El Cajon Valley     6-9    195    Sr.
DB     EMMIL HENDERSON     Monte Vista         5-8    165    Jr.
DB     ETHEN BISHOP        Granite Hills       5-7    160    So.
DB     AMIR CONLEY         Monte Vista         6-0    165    Sr.
DB     TORREY MACK         Monte Vista         5-10   165    Sr.
DB     CHANCE LOVATO       El Capitan          5-9    185    Sr.
DB     JARVIS HEARD        Mount Miguel        5-8    160    Sr.
P      WYATT AGUILAR       Mountain Empire     6-0    160    Sr.

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