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Bussey steps down from Norsemen post

Charles Bussey with the Jamacha Helmet in 2016. Valhalla won the perpetual trophy in five of Bussey's seven seasons.



By Dave Dickens



EL CAJON (1-10- 2018) – We all have hopes and dreams from the time we are able to recall our thoughts as a child.

Most of us as boys, whether we play athletics, are a spectator, a sports journalist, or all of the above, we grow up hoping to be the next PEYTON MANNING, JOE MONTANA, DAN FOUTS, maybe even DON (AIR) CORYELL, BILL BELICHICK, CHUCK KNOLL, or the return of JON (CHUCKY) GRUDEN.

One of the most seasoned, hard-working, detail-oriented, winning head coaches the east county has had over the last seven years, Orange Nation legendary leader CHARLES BUSSEY, stepped down from his post yesterday afternoon.

Let it be known, he will remain a teacher at Valhalla High School, as a U.S. History instructor.

Bussey started his head football coaching career at Valhalla in 2011. He previously had served as an assistant there.

“I originally just wanted to be a coach, something I always wanted to do and came in as a defensive coordinator in the beginning,” said the former Valhalla coach.

After losing head coach DAVE HOSTETLER, the administration requested if Bussey would take over, but he turned it down in the beginning. However, later the following year, he decided to accept the job as head varsity football coach.

“When I took the Head coaching position, my 7-year old little girl was only a month and a half old,” Bussey said. “Don’t get me wrong, I had a fantastic time coaching, but year in, year out, I could not find my replacement to take over as head coach.”

“In the last few years, I was the head coach, offensive coordinator, and defensive coordinator,” Bussey continued.

Each season the demands for Bussey began to grow.

Not only was he wearing the three coaching hats, he was now in charge of organizing and scheduling weight training classes for the first week of January, organizing a 7-on-7 camp to retain the players he had, and assisting to coordinate the fundraising.

More than a “Jack of All Trades” just living for his teaching and coaching career.

“I am stepping down, ultimately as the head coach,” Bussey said. “I was sitting down at the beginning of the month, figuring out how to improve our team from last year, I figured the only way to get better and retain the kids at our school and in our program would take more time away from my family.

“I looked at my wife and decided my 7-year-old is wanting to enroll in gymnastics, and the only time I have with my girls is before a game for 5 minutes, a hug and a kiss, a few minutes of running around on the football field after a game, Thursday nights after practice and on Saturday afternoon, coming home at 1 p.m.

Bussey went 41-39 as Valhalla head coach in seven seasons, including 4-6 in the postseason.

“I was in the coaches’ meeting at 8 a.m., then film until 1 p.m.

“I am stepping down for my wife and 2 little girls, and to watch them play sports.”

“I was also spending countless hours making sure I kept in touch with my current players in the offseason. With all the transfers that are happening these days, especially at the private schools, it is a year-round job if you want to retain great players.”

Bussey is open to a position coaching job as well, but definitely has his priorities straight, we will see him with the sun hat soon enough.

“I think I did pretty well all things considered,” Bussey said. “With all the responsibility and the transfers, we all know no one from CIF is checking to see if that particular player really, in fact, resides at the address provided.”

The Norsemen finished 2-9 last year, the second-worst season under Bussey, however, he had many years of 8-2, 7-3, and playoff runs.

We wish Bussey the very best in his future endeavors. Thank you, coach Bussey, you were an exciting coach to watch.

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