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Braves continue fight, trust system



By Dave Dickens



NATIONAL CITY (9-14-2018) – The 2018 El Cajon Valley Braves have been pushed around, pushed down, injured, etc.

These Braves are resilient and have plenty of character and fight. Just ask Coach Nick Osborn.

Only five games into the 2018 season, yet head coach Nick Osborn remains optimistic and takes this season one game at a time.

“My staff and I have to remain consistent, be honest with ourselves and the team, there are many things that need to be fixed,” said Osborn.

The Braves have not scored since opening night at home versus Francis Parker, in which the Braves took the loss 42-13.

Since then El Cajon Valley has been outscored 210-0 in four games.

“As a staff, we teach our kids to stay focused on the fundamentals of football, to keep their eyes on their assignment,” said Osborn.

Senior BRANDON ROBINSON, a wide receiver/strong safety, has been the heart and soul of the El Cajon Valley Braves from the very beginning.

Through the coaching carousel, injury bugs, and just plain adversity, Robinson has remained positive ever since he stepped foot onto the El Cajon Valley campus and field.

Whether it is catching touchdown passes or sacking quarterbacks, you will always receive 150 percent from Mr. Robinson.

“Our defense has been tremendous and played well and I take my hat to Coach Tulley for taking care of that unit,” Osborn said. “On offense, we still have many young guys that are developing and giving it their all. We are still building and improving. It has been a tough week and I know these kids are hurting, they all know of the goal we set way back in January.”

And to add to Brandon’s story, he had offseason surgery and yet still showed up to the weight room, all the preseason workouts, and with the injury, ended up in the top 10 out of 50-60 players.

Brandon has had other opportunities and could have switched schools and yet he wanted to leave his best as a Brave, considering all possibilities, leaving his best with the younger players.

Another kid that has stepped up at offensive line is FRED HENDERSON. Not only his play but also his character has made him into one of the most likable students on campus.

“This is a perfect example of where we need to be,” said Osborn.

Even after another loss at Sweetwater, 35-0, the El Cajon Valley Braves remain optimistic.

In this loss, CLARENCE JOHNSON was another Brave on this evening that nearly scored a touchdown.

The Braves will take their bye this week to heal, fix issues and prepare to play West Hills on Friday the 28th at El Cajon Valley at 7 p.m.

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