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By Dave Dickens



LAKESIDE (9-20-2018) – The East County talent seems to be being seeded and fertilized as we bloom yet another from Lakeside, sophomore MACKENZIE CURTIS, from El Capitan High.

As of today, Curtis is the No. 29 ranked scorer in the United States in points per game for the class of 2021.

After a phenomenal freshman year, her numbers will inflate in 2018.

Mackenzie is a natural-born leader who is disciplined and knows her role and her goals.

Curtis completed the season as a freshman in 2017 as a No. 1 scorer in San Diego County and No. 3 in California for the class
of 2021.

“It’s a complete honor being ranked but it humbles me to push myself,” said Curtis, who was fortunate to visit six colleges, CSU Long Beach, UC Davis, UC Irvine, CSU Northridge, UC Riverside, and CSU Fullerton. “I also went to Boulder, Colo., UC Santa Barbara, and SDSU.

“All of my camps were ran through the colleges and CSUN was by far the most friendly campus. The head coach, Jason Flowers, took me on a campus tour for three hours. CSU Fullerton had been the college that I have looked the most into but I’ve just started looking, keeping an open mind.”

Teammate JACEY DANKS attended the San Diego State University camp along with the UNLV camp with Curtis.

Terror twin JORDAN GRANDY attended a camp with Curtis, as she also attended a camp with Christian High sophomore KRISTIN WILLIAMS at UCSB.

Curtis was fortunate to attend the camps. Most of them she attended alone.

El Capitan varsity girls basketball head coach DARRIN CURTIS accompanied Mackenzie to the
College campuses.

“I really haven’t talked to my dad, just the coach about all of this, but I feel that dad is as excited as myself, Makenzie Curtis said. “I’ve been working on my strength and endurance but I have so much I need to learn and improve upon.”

At 5-foot-10, Curtis is playing the No. 4 spot, Curtis was the No. 3 3-point shooter for freshmen in San Diego with 43 3-pointers.

Look out for the impressive Curtis and her young Vaqueros basketball team to compete.

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