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Muheize brings pro Kings to Braves’ gym

Members of the San Diego Kings with team president Abraham Muheize


By Nick Pellegrino
East County Sports staff writer

EL CAJON (1-24-2019) – Abe Muheize, a 2016 inductee into the El Cajon Valley High School Athletics Hall of Fame after establishing several state football records in 2005, returns to his alma mater this Saturday (Jan. 26) as the operator of a professional basketball team.

Muheize now serves as lead executive of the San Diego Kings of the American Basketball Association, which will not only be playing a regular-season ballgame against the San Diego Guardians, the contest will also serve as the franchise’s annual San Diego Showcase game to raise funds for local schools.

ABRAHAM MUHEIZE as the quarterback for the El Cajon Valley Braves

The contest has a (TIME CHANGE) 6 p.m. tip-off time.

“This Saturday’s game especially important to me,” said Muheize. “I went to El Cajon Valley, so I personally understand the special needs of the school. For me, personally, this game is special.”

The Kings pride themselves with their quest for “Community First.” To this end, Muheize created an alumni program in 2016  called ECV United, which raises money for school projects and needs.

“After four months, we were able to donate $9,500 to the Associated Student Body program, helping create additional on-campus community for the school.”

Unlike most public schools, Muheize’s ECV United now allows incoming freshmen to reeive an ASB card at no cost, while all upperclassmen can purchase a card at a reduced rate, dropping the annual price from $20 down to $7.

“I’m proud to say the program worked,” added Muheize. “The on-campus atmosphere has grown. The ASB director told me at this year’s homecoming game that for the first time ever, the homecoming dance had more than 500 students and it turned a profit.”

For Saturday’s Kings-Guardians contest, El Cajon Valley High School will be able to use the San Diego Kings platform as a fundraiser moving forward. Muheize is donating $250 to the girls basketball program, plus 100 tickets to sell on-campus for $3 each or $10 to local businesses to give the school an opportunity to raise anywhere from $300-to-$1,000.”

Muheize is also offering ticket specials to the general pubic, receiving $5 off general admission tickets and $5 off reserved courtside tickets. Visit the Kings website for details.

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