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By Dave Dickens


CHULA VISTA (2-6-2019) – Bonita Vista came into Wednesday night’s game against the host Montgomery Aztecs as the stepping stone for the last game of the season.

These girls have been trained well by head coach Tristan Lamb to focus on the game at hand.

Montgomery has been far from the competitive team they have been in years past, and the Lady Barons would take advantage of that fact.

The first 90 seconds was a back and forth affair until two three-pointers in the first quarter were nailed by the Barons, who were leading, 15-6.

Heading into the second quarter, more of the same from the Lady Barons as Montgomery hit a three, but Bonita went on a 9-0 run after their three, including some successful free throws.

With another pair of three-pointers and a couple of buckets, the Lady Barons were up 33-17 at the half with ANNETH GRIJALBA and JULIA COSALAN leading the way.

Bonita Vista easily finished off the Aztecs in the second half, 61-38, really shutting down any offensive schemes the Aztecs attempted.

These ladies were just well prepared.

“We all played well as a team. JULIA COSALAN, ANNETH GRIJALBA, and ISABEL RECTOR have been stepping up and taking on the challenge,” Lamb said. “We’re looking up to the challenge and bringing this energy into the playoffs.”

The game of all games, a playoff game in itself if you will, avenging a terrible loss to the Crusaders of Mater Dei, and winning their ninth-straight regular season game on a very high note.

The last time Bonita Vista lost was to Mater Dei on their turf, 71-58.

Bonita Vista’s ladies have won eight-straight since then and were geared up in front of their home crowd.

After one quarter of play, it looked to be a nail biter, 15-14, Crusaders, heading into the second quarter.

The Lady Barons took over 23-11 in the second quarter and had a commanding 38-25 halftime lead.

There was definitely confidence in the air and the wind blew towards the Baron bench.

Bonita Vista would start where they left off playing serious defense and holding the Crusaders to a mere 10 points, Bonita outscoring Mater Dei, 22-10.

There was no way one hometown fans were leaving this one, as the Lady Barons would finish off the Crusaders, 81-51, outscoring the visitors by 30 points and claiming the South Bay as theirs this year.

ANNETH GRIJALBA scored 25 total points, LARYSSA KLURE had 22 total points, JULIA COSALAN added 15, and ISABEL RECTOR finished with 11.

“When we score like that we are hard to beat,” Lamb said. “When I first got here to Bonita Vista, East Lak aAnd Mater Dei were the South Bay. We just won back to back league titles.

“We beat Eastlake by 50 earlier in league play, and now defeating Mater Dei by 30 really shows the mindset we have. I’m excited heading into the playoffs.”

“I definitely believe my teammates and I have grown to be more of a family than a team and I think that is what makes our school unique,” Grijalba said. “Because of that, we have great chemistry with one another, helping us to play as one, which is going to help us to play as one, which is going to be big coming into CIF.

“Our chances at winning CIF are just as big as they were last year, as long as
we keep playing smart and together there is nothing we can’t achieve. We are the underdogs so don’t underestimate us.”

“Cathedral is bigger than us so that just means we have to play smart and quick,” Cosalan said. “My family and I know this will not be an easy game, but we aren’t afraid to take on a challenge.”

Bonita Vista (18-9) will be facing a mighty challenge versus Cathedral Catholic (22-6) on Friday  Feb. 15 at 7 pm at a neutral site, info on that soon.

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