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Lady RedHawks rusty but with promise

Mountain Empire during a time out. / Dave Dickens



By Dave Dickens



EL CAJON (11-19-2021) — Every sport, whether it be boys or girls, there will always be a game that you have to play through, no matter how bad, true athletes will prevail.


Both the boys and girls varsity teams for the Mountain Empire Red Hawks already have a tough road ahead as they will Basically be road warriors until the new flooring is in place at their true home in the gymnasium in Pine Valley.


It most definitely can put a damper on the way your athletes play in whatever contest they are going to engage in.


The long bus ride will be until the beginning of January.


Just inquire within and speak with assistant football coach Ricky Prince and head coach Bernard Vann, when approximately three years ago, the bus was breaking down, and they were having to find a bus, and right quick, or the football game would be delayed, and in 2018, the RedHawks’ football team was embarking on one of their best football teams ever.


The bottom line, the Coaches on both the girls’ and boys’ staff are indeed grateful for the use of the gymnasium at Greenfield Middle School, which, by the way, is very nice.


As the schedule would dictate, the opponent of both the boys’ and girls’ RedHawk teams were not loving the commute themselves as Borrego Springs is not exactly a hop, skip, and a jump to travel from the desert to the valley of El Cajon. At the very least, they were facing the same opponent.


Both the Rams and RedHawks came out rusty with a few missed shots, as fouls were plentiful, but on both sides, and the Lady RedHawks were not exactly full of veteran players, either.


Both sides struggled in the first quarter and ended at 2-all.


Caylee Hodson was definitely the spark and most experienced, as she scored the first bucket of the contest.  There would not be a whole lot of offense in the second half of play, either.


Defensively, the Lady Redhawk who a couple of steals on the evening was Aisha Acevedo. 


There were plenty of opportunities at the free-throw line, as well, unfortunately for the Lady RedHawks, The Rams ended up winning the second quarter, 4-0, and 6-2 with the Rams leading at the half.


Early in the second half, Acevedo came up with the steal and assist, as Hodson hit another bucket, now it was 6-4 Rams.


The game remained close, however, as the Rams would hit another two points, with the score 8-4 Rams heading into the fourth quarter.


Borrego Springs’ Lady Rams didn’t exactly dominate the Lady RedHawks in any sense of the word. 


The Lady Rams did shut Mountain Empire out in the fourth, 8-0, and finished the job in the fourth quarter, with the final, Lady Rams 16, and Lady RedHawks 4.


Hodson hit the only two buckets on the evening, however, with a little more practice and time in between, the Lady Red Hawks (0-1) travel to Borrego Springs (1-1), but the Lady Rams have a score to settle with Desert Mirage (1-1), who prior to the Red Hawks, lost badly, 24-2, at home to the Desert Mirage Rams. Borrego Springs is hoping to face the Lady Red Hawks on Friday, December 3, which will be played away at Borrego Springs at 3:30 p.m.


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