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Patriots earn victory over Vikings




By Dave Dickens



BONITA (12-30-2021) — Although it had been a while since the Holtville Vikings from the desert had met up with Christian, one thing always kept the same.


“They are a good team,” Christian head coach Vickie Carrington said. “Five years ago we played Holtville and had quite the cast of players, Simone James, Zoe Nordling, Kristin Williams, and some other ballers – Amyaha (Walker), Allie Carreon, and Yesi Smith, who had a sit out period, but we defeated them by a significant amount, maybe by 40-to-60 points.


“However, the Holtville team we played yesterday was relentless and very talented. They have three players that have a little swag in their games, it was definitely a battle, won by two, but it was a tough-earned two for the win.”


The Lady Patriots, missing the services of having Koko Akridge, putting up 15 points, impressive offensive points, three field goals, one three-pointer, 6-for-6 free throws, six rebounds, four assists, and a steal.


Also keep your eyes peeled for the young and upcoming talent, Naomi Henderson, and also Tess Warren.


The Lady Pats got started right away as they led the Vikings, 15-14, the second 9-8, leaving the Pats up 24-23 at the half.


Defensively, both the Lady Patriots and the Lady Vikings, playing the solid defense and a little less offense, 11-all, into the fourth, and finally 6-all.


Both squads played tough, but the Lady Pats outlasted the Vikings, 41-39.


“Lottie Mae Glenn and Amyaha had a specific role in the game. Amyaha throughout, but Lottie Mae had a specific role in the last two to three minutes of the game, as she was used on defensive rotations,” said Carrington.


“It felt really good to be a part of that fight for a win especially because it was a huge team effort, and we would not even be able to do it without all of our players. Before going in, I was just told to play hard defense, stay on my man, and deny them, as I am more of a physical defensive player,” Glenn said.


“The biggest play was when they were trying to get their best three-point shooter open,” Walker said. “They called a play on the sideline, she caught the ball and tried to get past me, got called for a double dribble. That was probably the biggest play for me, but honestly, the whole game felt big for me. I could have easily defended anyone because it was just that easy. However, honestly, it was a team effort, and we all played great, to bring it home. It wasn’t just me, as it was a team effort, and I’m proud of all my teammates.”


“This win was huge for this team because it showed us when we play lockdown defense, and work as one unit, teams can’t get past us and get to the paint. This win definitely gives us great momentum moving into the league. This win was very important to me because it showed how scrappy this team is and I am so proud of this team,” said Hailey Whitman.


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