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Hunt beats buzzer to defeat Monarchs



By Dave Dickens



SPRING VALLEY (2-2-2022) — It has been quite interesting, entertaining, or checkmark all of of the above when it comes to the meeting of the Steele Canyon Cougars (13-10, 5-1 Grossmont Valley League) and the Monte Vista Monarchs (18-5, 5-1 GVL).


There was drama in the stands the last time these two teams squared off at Monte Vista. As the third quarter began in that game, the Monarchs were up 23-10 at the half, dominating the visiting Cougars. Who knows what was said and what adjustments were to be made as Steele Canyon head coach Aaron Douglas put his revised game plan coming out into the third quarter of that game. The Cougars went on a 15-4 run before a fight broke out in the visitor stands, 27-25 was the score with the Monarchs up by two and the fans were all told to leave the gym or would be escorted kindly out. That night the Monarchs and Cougars played in front of an empty gym for the entire fourth quarter. As play resumed in an incredibly strange turn of events, the Monarchs clawed their way back up with the momentum shift as a result of the empty gym on a 20-9 run over the visiting Cougars. Both teams battled in this first meeting under crazy circumstances as the Monarchs however came out on top of the Cougars, 47-34, a clear large victory over the Cougars on Monarch territory.


Talk about a total opposite game as this time it would be played at Steele Canyon. The strangest statistic for each team was one of unusual proportion as the Cougars had five shooters total for the evening and Monte Vista had only four shooters throughout all four quarters of play.


Of the four shooters for the visiting Monarchs, Brandon Tully had 20 points as Isaiah Hike also put up 20. Jayden Richardson had seven and Armando Rasing had four points.


You have to give Steele credit as they kept pace this time around on offense and defense.


After all was said and done, Camrien Hunt with the bucket was made for Steele at the buzzer, leaving the Monarchs with a loss and a tie atop the Grossmont Valley League. Final, Cougars 52-51.


Had to be considered one of the regular-season league games of the year.


“We came out the same as last time in the fourth, up by nine but our shots were not falling, and Steele had it going. It came down to the wire where we hit and they did, too. We didn’t defend as we should have at the end, and they hit a shot to win. At the end of the day both teams played hard, and this time they played just a smidge harder, I wish to play them again. From here on out we need to win every game we play the rest of the regular season. That loss hurt and we don’t want to feel that again,” said Tully.


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