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RedHawks struggle but put away Lions




By Dave Dickens




SAN DIEGO (2-3-2022) — Ladies and gentlemen, this is why we play the games, someone could be hurt, sick, well we really know what that is but can’t name it. There are many varieties of why and how some teams like these two tonight. You have Mountain Empire (14-4, 7-0 Pioneer) and TEC (0-10, (0-4 Pioneer).


As clearly seen on paper or these days on some type of electronic device, clear stats show that in reality, the RedHawks should have won tonight’s game by 25 points or more.


First and foremost, missing a player like Lukas Spencer for the RedHawks deflates the defense starting with the number of rebounds he would be providing for quick points by getting the ball to his shooters and taking care of the boards, and not allowing the opponent to score. Unfortunately, Lukas has been under the weather for the last week and a half. That is a huge loss without Spencer, yet they have still had enough depth to win.


It had to be a huge surprise to be playing a team with no wins under their belt and the RedHawks with only four losses total, yet it was a competitive contest as the score at the half read 22-19, RedHawks. The Lions were in what could possibly be their first win of the season. Albin Acevedo, who has been phenomenal on offense in particular, led the first half with eight points total and 4-for-4 at the free-throw line.


As unbelievable as it would seem, the RedHawks would finish the second half and only be up 22-20 in the second half. A great reference for a game like this, the Kansas City Chiefs, a No. 1 seed, up 21 points in the first half against a 10-7 Cincinnati Bengals team that was a No. 4 seed, considered pretenders, end up losing the overtime coin toss against one of the best quarterbacks of our time, throws an interception, and the Chiefs defense had been getting better each game, allows biggest amounts of rushing yardage at the worst time and into field goal range for the best rookie kicker in the league, up and good, Chiefs buy a ticket to watch the Bengals, who beat them in their stadium, will now watch as this impossible team is in the Super Bowl to face the Los Angeles Rams. 


The moral to this story is very relatable as the RedHawks only had four players on the floor with three minutes remaining in regulation, and held on for dear life to a winless Lions team outscoring them 22-20 in the second half. 


Mountain Empire head coach Bernard Vann must have held his breath along with the rest of his squad, almost losing, but held on to win, 44-39.


Another stellar performance by Albin Acevedo with 18 total points, a three-pointer, 9-for-9 at the free-throw line.


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