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Prep Softball ’22: All-League, All-CIF



East County Prep Softball
2022 All-League Teams
Grossmomnt Hills League
Player of the Year
Sofia Mujica, Granite Hills
Pitcher of the Year
Brooke Horne, El Capitan
First Team
Player, Year, School

Natalie Emery 12 Grossmont
Nakhia Lee 9 Grossmont
Abby Curran 12 Steele Canyon
Ava Gall 11 El Capitan
Angel Riggins 11 Helix
Kassidy Harper 12 Santana
Jordan Beatty 12 Santana
Audrey Smale 9 Granite Hills
Sofia Mujica 10 Granite Hills
Jazmin Williams 11 Steele Canyon
Second Team
Maddie Taylor 12 El Capitan
Hailey Mulligan 12 El Capitan
Katelynne Parent 11 Grossmont
Jade Daley 11 Grossmont
Lauren Farace 9 Helix
Chloe Knepp 12 Granite Hills
Taylor Rose 12 Granite Hills
Haley Oceguera 12 Santana
Amber Young 12 Helix
Emma Shellstrom 11 Steele Canyon
Honorable Mention
Aubrey Thorne 10 El Capitan
Dominique Garcia 10 El Capitan
Peyton Wells 9 El Capitan
Kori Jonolonis 12 Helix
Allyson Haessly 12 Steele Canyon
Mariah Mata 12 Steele Canyon
Janea Wilson 11 Steele Canyon
Madison Jordan 12 Santana
Hailey Phillips 12 Santana
Ashtyn Niemiec 12 Santana
Grossmont Valley League
Player of the Year
Maryn Jordan 12 Valhalla
Pitcher of the Year
Mckayla Fish 11 Valhalla
First Team
Player, Tearm School

Lily Young 12 West Hills
Faith Balistreri 10 West Hills
Emily Byrd 10 West Hills
Alyssa Thornton 11 West Hills
Marina Morales 11 West Hills
Amaya Angeli 10 West Hills
Cadyn Ruffer 11 Valhalla
Isabella Moscoso 11 Valhalla
Nayeli Chapa 11 Valhalla
Marissa Lupo 12 Valhalla
Second Team
Alex Schneider 12 Mount Miguel
Avery Voth 9 Vahalla
Naomi Villalva 11 Valhalla
Brooke Tucci 9 Valhalla
Lilliana Moscoso 9 Valhalla
Jaci Mckinley 11 West Hills
Noami Kai 12 West Hills
Aubrielle McKee 10 Valhalla
Ava Goodman 9 West Hills
Alaya Chapa 9 Valhalla
Honorable Mention
City League

Player of the Year
Tiare Rieger, SD-High Tech

Pitcher of the Year
Emmy Cardenas, La Jolla
Coach of the Year
Tom Dull, Coronado
First Team
Player, Year, School

Emmy Cardenas, 11, La Jolla
Tiera Rieger, 12, SD-High Tech
Anna Sophia Ziegler, 10, San Diego
Riley Lenahan, 11, SD-High Tech
Susanna Pate, 10, Coronado
Anneliese Wong, 12, Coronado
Shaunessy Cardwellm 12, Morse
Allison Moody, 11, Christian
Kate Mones, 12, Christian
Second Team
Tyler Krystek, 9 , Christian
Kaitlyn Moody, 9, Christian
Rachel Stephens, 12, Christian
Marianne Akre, 12, Coronado
Ila Pecus, 12, Coronado
Amalia Leith-Garcia, 12, La Jolla
Jaelyn Miller, 10, Morse
Ju’milah Dunn, 10, Morse
Giselle Peregrina, 10, San Diego
Mikaela Manns, 10, SD-High Tech
Western League
Player of the Year
Oliviia Giganti, Patrick Herny
Pitcher of the Year
Keira Bucker, Mission Bay
Coach of the Year
Vince Ichihara, Mission Bay
First Team
Player, Grade, School

Olivia Giganti, 12, Patrick Henry
Kaiah Altmeyer, 12, Patrick Henry
Keira Bucker, 12, Mission Bay
Kira Monji, 12, Mission Bay
Ab’c’de Patane, `1, Cathedral Catholic
Mallory Axline, `0, Cathedral Catholic
Sereniti Trice, 10, Cathedral Cath
Leah Ridenour, 10, University City
Riley Jenkins, 12, University City
Second Team
Jenel Mallari, 11, Patrick Henry
Sophia Sanchez, 1-, Patrick Henry
McKenna Gieger, 10, Patrick Henry
Candace Tarle, 10, Cathedral Catholic
Sinalei Talatania,9, Cathedral Catholic
Kylie Maratea, 12, Mission Bay
Becca Boskin, 10, Scripps Ranch
Dominique Hernandez, 10, Scripps Ranch
Elizabeth Zerr, “, University City
Dalin Powell, 11, University City
Other Leagues


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