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Matadors dominate in road shutout at Serra

By Chris Davis
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SAN DIEGO (9-26-15) — When two teams that are not of the same talent level meet some unexpected things can happen.

That is exactly what happened on Friday (Sept. 25) night in Tierrasanta when the Mount Miguel Matadors took on the Serra Conquistadors in a shortened game.MM at SERRA Score

For the record, the Matadors (3-2) took down the Conquistadors (0-5) by a 55-0 margin.

The game was shortened by injury as an ambulance was needed after a devastating hit by DURAN MILLER (4 tackles, 1 sack and 3 QB hurries).  On a Serra punt, Miller laid a crushing block on a Serra player (not being named due to his injuries).  That player was knocked out and was motionless.  Serra coaches and medical personnel were already on their way to the player before the play was over.  After a 30 minute delay, the player was lifted into the ambulance and taken to a local hospital.

Moments later the referee held the game ball in the air signifying that the game was over.  Officially, it is suspended with 58.4 seconds remaining in the third quarter. It will not be resumed.

As far as the actual game play is concerned, BENNY VALADEZ threw for over 200 yards and four touchdowns.  ANDRE GORSUCH (2 rec – 54 yds – 2 TD) was the main touchdown target.  KIKO BORJA (6 rec – 80 yds – 1 TD) was the leading receiver.

Leading the way on the ground was LAMARCUS BUTLER (9 rushes – 89 yds – 1 TD) and ANTOINE HAMILTON (7 rushes – 69 yds – 2 TD’s).

It is worth noting that the Mount Miguel coaching staff asked for the clock to be a “running clock” several times starting at halftime.  But the Serra coaching staff refused to allow the clock to continuously run on all of the requests from the Matador coaching staff.  Had the game continued for another 52 seconds, the referees would have enacted the CIF rule that if the scoring margin is in excess of 40 points, the clock is automatically put into a “running clock” situation.


UPDATE: The player was released from the hospital on Saturday afternoon.


  1. Darrell Lewis

    September 28, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    My name is Darrell Lewis I have been a High School football coach CA for the past 17yrs as a defensive coordinator, special teams coordinator, & head coach. This was a clean hit, the new rules have taken out crack back blocks, & and is the only penalty here. The player did not lead with his helmet, he did not hit the other player with his helmet. He didn’t launch at the kid. It was a very physical football play by a physical football player. This kid should not be punished for making a clean hit just because of the amount of injury that was caused. There was no malice at all in this play. The biggest problem here seems to be these two teams were not very evenly matched. The rule on crack back blocks (blind side hits) needs to reviewed as coaches don’t always remember to tell kids of all rule changes. Kids have been making these blocks for years and then in the last few years these type blocks have been taken out of the game in the rule book.
    Darrell Lewis

    • Adam Paul

      September 29, 2015 at 8:38 pm

      Mr. Lewis,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes after seeing the video of the hit I would have to agree. It was not until talking to a local coach at the school where I do stats at did he inform me of the new rules. To which I replied “doesn’t make sense” due to the fact that he didn’t lead with helmet etc.Yes you are correct in that the teams were very unevenly matched. Again we appreciate the comments and hope that you do enjoy coming to our site and reading the coverage etc.

    • Ray Peterson

      September 30, 2015 at 11:09 am

      I agree with Darrell Lewis 100%. This kid should not be punished by being suspended. An unintentional illegal chop block will result in a 15 yard penalty –so should his “illegal” crack back block. With all off the technology in 2015/online certifications…I believe there should be a video training about illegal hits/blocking (crack back, chop blocks,etc)that actually show footage of correct techniques and NEGATIVE impact of illegal hits (unconscious athletes and bodily injury). I think this will have more of an impact than a Rule Book–Visual Learning that show bad injuries that result from what is considered illegal and unnecessary contact.
      Have student- athletes become certified and then you can hold them and their coach accountable for their actions.

      (If you disagree –please reply with mature/respectful comments)

      Happy to hear the injured athlete is getting better/doing ok.

      Ray Peterson
      Former College Coach/youth football coach/college football player/Concerned Parent/HS teacher

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