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Christian High's KRISTEN WILLIAMS shoots on Wednesday night against Knight High.



By Dave Dickens



PALMDALE (3-7-2018) – Last week as Christian High took the SDSCIF Division II championship defeating the Escondido Adventist Hawks, 67-48, the Lady Patriots after winning their first title in 23 years were ready to step up to the next level.

If you talked to Christian High head coach VICKIE CARRINGTON, she was so proud of the success the team had this miracle of a season. The Lady Patriots were so dedicated to their craft that during halftime at home games, the girls would get together and scrimmage against each other at half-court. They did this as often as permitted. That is how teams of destiny combined with dedication end up at the state championships facing the Palmdale Knights, which going into this evening were 22-6, while the Christian High Lady Patriots were 22-9.

The deeper in the playoffs, the competition begins to stiffen. Christian was down early 28-20 to Palmdale. It remained 28-20 at the half in favor of the home Knight Hawks.

Typically the team that travels by bus already has somewhat of a disadvantage.

Second half of play also went in favor of the host Knight Hawks. At the end of a hard-fought 3rd quarter, the score was 41-34 as the Lady Patriots turned on their afterburners.

“I think we could have played a lot better, a lot of people were sick and I had the same sickness two days before, but I don’t think that should have affected me,” said Christian High’s KRISTIN WILLIAMS. “We should have run the team and stuck to the game plan. ”

Patriot SIMONE JAMES had a big game with 27 points and 13 rebounds.

Consistently scoring every quarter, she could have achieved 40 points when all was said and done, however foul trouble early put the Lady Patriots in a hole as well.

“No one could stop her,” said Carrington.

Williams had only 2 points in the first half, but got a spark in the 4th quarter and successfully hit 3 3-point shots.

Williams was open often but her point guards were not targeting her.

It really was a Lady Patriots team limping into the state championship as even HANNAH RICHARDSON had been having back issues. She was usually great at the boards.

“At state level games one person cannot carry the team, Simone James tried but just couldn’t,” said Carrington.

“When Simone and Kristen were in the game in the 1st quarter our athleticism was too much for them to handle, and we had them seriously tired with about 3:30 off the clock in the first quarter. We planned to run them but those quick first quarter back to back fouls on Kristen and Mo shifted the momentum of the game.”

The Lady Patriots lost, 70-50, however they should be even tougher to beat next season.

“Tonight we were so blessed to be able to get this far, knowing that we needed to bring our A game to advance,” James said. “I think we got off to a fantastic start, but with being in foul trouble early in the game, including me, it definitely changes the momentum and energy.

“We knew they weren’t playing to lose, so we needed to stick to the game plan, which was mainly box out and be aggressive on the boards. We had a great season and we are just looking to see how far we can take it next year.

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