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Wolf Pack looking strong on mat




Going into the tournament I was honestly a little worried. I had weighed at 143 on the scale and was wrestling 152s. I knew I would be wrestling stronger kids, so it was a little nerve racking. But during my first match I came to the realization that I was quicker than my opponent. After my first match I became really confident. I knew that the weight difference would not matter if I wrestled fast andworked my moves. Once I started beating kids stronger and heavier than me, I realized that the weight difference was really just a mental barrier.

Coach did help motivate me to keep pushing, by telling me to treat the tournament “one match at a time.”

As I look into the next tournament, I will have become a better wrestler physically and mentally. I now understand the mental aspect of wrestling, and that whether I win my matches or not is based on mindset. Physically, I know that I need to work on my strength and my cardio. I need to hone my skills and my technique on the mats. Staying on this track could open up endless possibilities in my wrestling career. My goal in the near future is to get through masters and make it to state. – Matthias Brooks West Hills wrestling


I started last year in SDIKWA, So I got a little jump. I always would wrestle with my brother. I had very good coaches to guide me through last year. I did folk style and freestyle wrestling state for my age and took second place at both. I also had a step ahead on not only people that only wrestle during season. But I competed all off season, too.

At the tournament last weekend, I just worked on the moves I have been practicing for the last two months. I had good conditioning thanks to Coach (Mike) Proctor. I have been working on changing from throws to shots so it’s a rough transition. But I believe that everything else is coming along. My ground game is better. I am quite shocked that I did so good being my first varsity tournomant.

I believe that my teammates will get better, as well. They all are pretty rusty and some might need to go down in weight. But they all still did amazing. I believe that even though this is a singular sport. We still need to support each other. At the tournament last, weekend, I noticed some teams lacking this. But a team should stick together. – Ryder Dearborn

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