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Wolf Pack bounces back after defeat

West Hills during a time out on Wednesday. / Dave Dickens



By Dave Dickens 



SANTEE (12-1-2021) – After an unexpected loss to El Capitan on Monday by a very narrow margin, the West Hills Wolf Pack Pack had their work cut out for them, as they recall playing Victory Christian Academy last year and being defeated by the outside big three-point shots from the Knights last time they faced them


The Wolf Pack came in to Wednesday’s night’s game against Victory Christian Academy (3-3) at 4-2. However, head coach Tim Barry was back, and with a fabulous game plan to beat the visiting Knights, which Barry referred to as a very talented team.


Upon the start of the contest, it was announced that Luke Gibson and Vince Hillman would not be participating due to a medical reasons, with no further details given.


Both squads appeared to have done their homework as they both came out exploiting each other’s weaknesses, well for the most part anyhow. Caden Aikins led in the scoring department, as far as points were concerned, with two buckets, mostly defense and fouls, ending up with VCA up 15-11 after one quarter of play.


The defenses on both squads were quite impressive as they went back and forth, a steal here and a block there, action-packed for the officials and the fans.


The Wolf Pack would get on the board first in the second quarter, courtesy of Jake Partington with a nice steal and layup.


Zeid Salem had to add a three-point switch as the Pack scored back-to-back points.


VCA didn’t stay cold for too long still able to hit a few three-point shots of their own.


Partington would lead the Wolf Pack with six points, two coming via two successful free throws.


Defense and a foul-filled second quarter ended up 26-25 in favor of the Pack at the half.


Jake Kelly launched a three-pointer to continue the scoring on behalf of West Hills, to begin the third quarter.


West Hills continued to pour it on as the third quarter continued, the defense held up.


Including steals that ended up as offensive points, 31-25 Pack, the third quarter concluded.


With a much closer visiting VCA, however, the Wolf Pack was still in the lead 43-37.


Max Conaway had great blocks, rebounds, and led in scoring with six points, two via free throws, and two buckets, while Jake Kelly was just as close with a three-pointer beauty along with a bucket, for five points.


West Hills had its most productive offensive attack, scoring 19 in the final quarter to finish off the Knights, an extremely talented team, 64-55.


This win definitely picked up the morale after the narrow loss to the Vaqueros.


“That is an impressive win right there, now build off of that as we practice and get ready for University City on Saturday, a D-2 team,” said Barry to his team.


So West Hills (5-2), will play University City, per schedule change, check back for a time and if at home or away.


(Also please watch the end of the video highlights for Jake Partington interview).



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