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By Bill Dickens
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EL CAJON (12-11-15) — Helix senior running back NATE STINSON was named to the All-East County first team for the third year in a row, earning Offensive Player of the Year this year. As a sophomore he was named All-East County Rookie of the Year.

All-East County defensive Player of the Year honors were shared by Helix junior linebacker ZEKE NOA and Valhalla senior defensive end DANIEL BENDER.

Helix senior quarterback MICHAEL AUSTIN is a three-time first team honoree for the Highlanders (11-1), who won the San Diego Section CIF championship and who are competing in the CIF Regional Playoffs this weekend against Mission Viejo.

All-East County Defensive Rookie of the Year went to Steele Canyon sophomore MIKEL OLIVER. His teammate NY JOHNSON was tabbed All-East County Defensive Most Improved player.

One of the more coveted awards – Defensive Unsung Hero – was bestowed upon Helix senior defensive tackle SEFA TAUANU’U.

Additional offensive honors include Steele Canyon sophomore quarterback THOMAS FISHBURNE, who earned All-East County Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Most Improved Player of the Year honors went to Santana senior record-breaking quarterback FRANKIE GUTIERREZ.

Out of the bushes came Granite Hills’ running back THOMAS YOUMOG to earn the Offensive Unsung Hero award.

All-East County Coach of the Year honors went to Helix coach TROY STARR.

           (As selected by the EastCountySports.com staff)
                       FIRST TEAM – OFFENSE
 POS.   NAME                SCHOOL              HT.    WT.   YEAR
 QB     Frankie Gutierrez   Santana            5-10   166     Sr.
 QB     Michael Austin      Helix              6-1    185     Sr.
 RB     Nate Stinson        Helix              5-6    180     Sr.
 RB     Adrian Petty        Christian          5-7    160     Sr.
 RB     Nate McCullough     El Cajon Valley    5-8    190     Sr.
 RB     Bobby Wallace       Santana            5-9    172     Jr.
 RB     Pierre Alexander    Steele Canyon      5-8    180     Sr.
 WR     Nick Sexton         Christian          6-0    170     Sr.
 WR     Khaleed Davis       Grossmont          6-0    190     Sr.
 WR     Mekhi Stevenson     Helix              6-1    177     Sr.
 OL     Blayke De La Rosa   Helix              5-11   270     Jr.
 OL     Ryan Burke          Valhalla           6-0    215     Sr.
 OL     Jacob Kitten        Santana            6-2    275     Sr.
 UTL    Jake Harr           Grossmont          5-8    180     Sr.
 K-P    Alex Raya           Steele Canyon      6-2    170     Sr.
 Offensive Player of the Year – NATE STINSON, Helix
 Offensive Rookie of the Year – THOMAS FISHBURNE, Steele Canyon
 Offensive Most Improved – FRANKIE GUTIERREZ, Santana
 Offensive Unsung Hero – THOMAS YOUMOG, Granite Hills
 Coach of the Year – TROY STARR, Helix
 Championship Team - HELIX
                     SECOND TEAM – OFFENSE
 POS.   NAME                SCHOOL              HT.    WT.   YEAR
 QB     David Todd Jeremiah Christian           6-1    195    Sr.
 QB     Spencer Moyer       West Hills          6-4    220    Sr.
 RB     Thomas Youmog       Granite Hills       5-7    160    Sr.
 RB     Taj Broomfield      West Hills          5-11   170    Sr.
 RB     Joey Morones        Christian           5-10   225    Jr.
 RB     James Will          Mountain Empire     6-2    220    Sr.
 WR     Sean Todd           Steele Canyon       5=8    165    Jr.
 WR     Kiko Borja          Mount Miguel        5-9    160    Sr.
 WR     Adam Childress      Santana             5-11   170    Sr.
 WR     Aidan Rasmusson     Santana             6-3    160    Jr.
 WR     Domonique Guevara   Grossmont           6-2    180    Jr.
 WR     Tre Owens           Monte Vista         6-1    170    Sr.
 RB     Anthony Gilmore     Mount Miguel        5-8    170    Sr.
 OL     De’Ron Smith        Helix               6-2    225    Sr.
 OL     Ty Eastlick         Valhalla            6-0    210    Jr.
                    FIRST TEAM – DEFENSE
 POS.   NAME                SCHOOL              HT.    WT.   YEAR
 DL     Daniel Bender       Valhalla            6-5    225    Sr.
 DL     Duran Miller        Mount Miguel        6-0    210    Sr.
 DL     Jake Burton         Granite Hills       6-5    260    Sr.
 DL     Mason Vinyard       Helix               6-5    225    Sr.
 DL     Forrest Hanlon      Helix               6-3    245    Sr.
 LB     Riley Reyes         Granite Hills       6-1    185    Sr.
 LB     Ezekiel Noa         Helix               6-0    220    Jr.
 LB     Logan Baker         Valhalla            5-11   218    Sr.
 LB     Ny Johnson          Steele Canyon       5-9    155    Sr.
 LB     Kellen Gaier        Granite Hills       6-0    220    Sr.
 DB     Scottie Young       Helix               6-0    190    Sr.
 DB     Alex Lilliard       Grossmont           6-0    210    Sr.
 DB     Colton Larceval     Steele Canyon       5-11   165    Jr.
 DB     Jihad Woods         Helix               5-11   215    Sr.
 OLB    Faamama Lauifi      El Cajon Valley     5-10   195    Jr.
 Co-Defensive Players of the Year – 
                  DANIEL BENDER, Valhalla and EZEKIEL NOA, Helix
 Defensive Rookie of the Year – MIKEL OLIVER, Steele Canyon
 Defensive Most Improved – NY JOHNSON, Steele Canyon
 Defensive Unsung Hero – SEFA TAUNAU’U, Helix
                    SECOND TEAM – DEFENSE
 POS.   NAME                SCHOOL              HT.    WT.   YEAR
 LB     Chance Colson       El Capitan          6-0    185    Sr.
 LB     Noah Joubert        Granite Hills       6-2    177    Sr.
 LB     Josh McFall         Grossmont           5-11   185    Sr.
 LB     Matt Homan          Santana             6-1    200    Sr.
 LB     Josh Benson         El Capitan          5-10   175    Jr.
 LB     Camryn Butler       Monte Vista         6-0    175    Sr.
 LB     Nate Tiapula        Grossmont           6-0    210    Jr.
 DB     Devan Henselmeier   Santana             6-2    160    Jr.
 DB     Mike Jones          Mount Miguel        5-10   175    Sr.
 DB     Riley Havird        Grossmont           5-11   165    Jr.
 DB     Cade Baker          Valhalla            6-1    190    Sr.
 DB     Dante Carnessale    Valhalla            5-11   160    Sr.
 DL     Andrew Mink         Grossmont           6-2    215    Jr.
 DL     Oscar Morales       West Hills          5-9    251    Jr.
 DL     Lucas Walz          Valhalla            5-6    175    Sr.

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