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Eagles, Matadors a success at CIF

The Granite Hills Eagles at CIF



The Granite Hills Eagles will be sending nine wrestlers to Masters after finishing fourth as a team in the always tough San Diego Section CIF Division II tournament.

The Eagles were led by Jeremiah Satberry who placed second in the 184-pound weight class.

An Eagle wrestler in action on Saturday.

Head Coach Jesse Sheard feels his wrestlers are peaking at the right time.

The coaching staff was very impressed with sophomore Justin Carroll placing third despite being seeded 10th and freshman Tanner Vielguth placing seventh as the 15th seed.

The biggest win of the tournament for the Eagles was by Satberry in the semis against Poway’s Braden Pease. Satberry clinched his spot in the finals by defeating Pease 12-10 in overtime with a takedown.

Bryce Christian, 140, helped Granite Hills get much needed bonus points by pinning three of his opponents. He was very pleased with his team’s performance.

“I had a slow start but in the later rounds of the tournament I knew I would have to wrestle better if I wanted to place higher than what I was seeded and make it to masters,” Christian said. “Our team did extremely well. We had nine people make it to masters and we finished fourth as a team which is better than we have done in a while in CIF”.

Coach Sheard echoed the same praise for his team.

“As coaches we were proud of how our wrestlers battled this weekend,” Sheard said. “We have to keep it rolling into Masters and we are hoping to get a couple to qualify for state.”

Masters Qualifiers

113 Josh Ryan 6th place

128 Justin Carroll 3rd place

132 Bailey Christian 5th place

138 Bryce Christian 3rd place

160 Skyler Hillberg 3rd place

182 Jeremiah Satberry 2nd place

195 Justin Harward 8th place

220 Tanner Vielguth 7th place

HWT Jacob Nunez 7th place 

Mount Miguel Wrestling CIF Highlights

Christopher Pedraza (115) 4th Place
Raul Garcia (122) 1st Place
Charlie Ray (128) 5th Place
Miguel Ayala (134) 4th Place
Edward Jones (222) 1st Place

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  1. David A. Willauer

    February 17, 2019 at 2:20 am

    East County Wrestlers performances in the CIF Masters

    By David A.Willauer-Contributing Writer-San Marcos High School-San Marcos, CA-2-16-19: The following East County Wrestlers and Schools performers in the 2019 CIF Masters Wrestling Tournament at San Marcos High School.

    7th place with 91 points Imperial Naythan Galbiso 3rd at 108 Nathan Hart 3rd at 147 Paul Ortiz 3rd at 162

    3rd place with 129.5 points Brawley Daniel Moreno 4th at 108 Anthony Maldonado 4th at 115 Jose Gutierrez 3rd place at 140 Alan Carrillo 6th at 154 Jayden Smith 2nd at 162

    5th place with 108 points Olympian Zachary Ikaika Ramos 5th at 108 Ralph Magsino 4th at 122 Tyshawn N Anderson 6th at 162 Luis Castro 2nd at 287

    15th place with 46.5 points Eastlake-Jesus Plasencia 6th 108 Michael Morgan 2nd at 197

    29th place with 29 points Mater Dei-Nicolas Demers 2nd at 115

    11th place with 60 points Patrick Henry-Anthony Bercu 5th at 115

    25th place with 35 points Valhalla-Matthew Jordan 6th at 115 Manny Aramburo 5th place at 140

    35th place with 23 points San Ysidro-Israel Ramirez 2nd at 122

    26th place with 31 points Mount Miguel Raul Garcia 3rd at 122 Edward Jones 4th at 222

    4th place with 126 points Mira Mesa-Andy Nguyen 3rd at 128 Eddie Chiw 3rd at 134 Timothy Hill 4th at 172

    48th place with 11 points Mar Vista-Roy Figueroa 5th at 128

    28th place with 29 points Grossmont Sebastian Coates 6th at 128

    31st place with 27 points Steele Canyon Ezra Cardenas 4th at 134

    9th place with 73.5 points Holtville Ethan Strahm 5th at 134 Michael Toten 3rd at 287

    18th place with 45.5 Bonita Vista Daniel Reyes 5th at 147 Blake Schmidt 4th at 287

    30th place with 28 points Central Union Joseph Castillo 5th at 154

    16th place with 46 points Granite Hills-Jeremiah Satberry 5th at 184

    40th place with 19 points Calipatria-Jamison Ange 5th at 197

    12th place with 58 points West Hills-Saul Sanchez 2nd at 222

    46th place with 15 points Morse-Iverson Sandoval 6th at 287

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